”learn from the dot com bubble”

We hear it all, ”social media is booming”! So everybody and all companies should go for it. The companies that are doing it, they will make a lot of money! But…we also knew what happened in 2003 when ”the dot com” bubble exploded. How was this possible and what can we learn from it?
Researched showed that making a simple website, wasn’t enough to trigger your consumers. Consumers have their own way of behaviour in purchasing stuff. I think we can learn from the past, and that we have to look at the same way of social media right now. Some companies that try to implement a social media strategie, don’t look at their target group, how they behave, how they talk (what kind of words do these people use) and where are they on the web. That’s why, in my opinion, a lot of social strategies will fail in the future, because companies don’t look at the behaviour of their customers..

Social media is not a revolution!

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